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County elections 2022

County elections will be held on Sunday 23 January 2022. The new wellbeing services counties will constitute the electoral districts for the county elections. In these elections, the members and deputy members of county councils will be elected in each wellbeing services county. No county elections will be conducted in Helsinki.

The advance voting period will be in Finland from 12 to 18 January and abroad from 12 to 15 January 2022.

What changes will the health and social services reform bring?

As part of the reform, the wellbeing services counties will assume responsibility for the following tasks, among others:

  • Outpatient services, such as health centre and maternity clinic services
  • Hospital services
  • Oral health care
  • Social welfare services, such as social counselling and social rehabilitation
  • Mental health and substance-abuse services
  • Child welfare
  • Disability services
  • Residential services for the elderly
  • Home care
  • Emergency services


What are key benefits of the reform?

  • The reform provides the framework and foundations for new and better services – the elected decision-makers and leadership play an important role – democracy and self-government!
  • Stabilises municipal economy
  • Facilitates financially sustainable and better services in terms of our citizens
  • Brings cost effectiveness, making our current funding more efficient
  • Increases equality
  • Helps ensure the availability and well-being of personnel
  • Simplifies social welfare and health care administration



Vote for your home.

 A vote for the Centre Party is a vote for your own home. This is because the Centre Party will put your home issues right. 

Home is the best place in the world; a place where each of us has the right, regardless of the chaos in the world, to live contentedly and safely. The coming election concerns issues surrounding your home and other Finnish homes. This is the reason why the municipal election is actually a home election. The municipality starts at your front door. 

Each home is different. The Centre Party has room for all types of families and homes. For this reason, the answers to our home issues cannot be found by asking either/or questions. These kinds of questions are only presented by politicians who are captives of the past. We know that the answer to issues dealing with our homes is often more multidimensional. 

Public or private services? Ill take both, please. Single-family homes or blocks of flats? Both, please. Public transportation or private car? Both. Advanced culture or underground? Both, please. Subsistence or wealth? Both, please. Me or us? Both. 

Each household should have access to the right options for them as concerns housing, child care, schooling, health care, recreation and all the other important necessities in our lives.


The way to school is also the way home.

The home provides the upbringing, the school provides support. The school provides the education, the home provides support. Their tasks and roles go hand-in-hand so that it is not possible for us to only choose to support the school or the home. We must support both. As long as comprehensive school classes are kept small enough, it is easier to retain a connection with our young people. And when the connection works, we are better able to provide each young person with the educational options that best suit their needs. 

Health must be brought home.

The onset of illness may occur regardless of time or place; much less with regard for the bus timetable. When a person becomes ill, help must be close by at a nearby health centre and without having to wait. For this reason, graduating doctors should be increasingly placed in health centres in order to be more accessible to the people.  

We place home issues at the forefront.

One works the nightshift, another commutes to the city, a third works at home. And all of them must be guaranteed the possibility to choose the manner in which their children are cared for. No single solution is good for everyone, even if it might seem to be free. We need flexibility both on the level of individual families and at the municipal level. We need equal opportunities.

Home is the centre of our lives.

We don’t allow congestion in the centre of our lives. Why would we allow it in our population centres or cities? Why would we place jobs and services in the midst of the concrete jungle, far away from the people themselves? Why don’t we respond to human need in places that people can actually reach? We must ensure a variety of alternatives for different people. We must secure the vitality of both the cities and the population centres throughout the country.


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